The Smart-Flex system is generally beeing used for:

  • Surface sanding
  • Profile sanding
  • Edge sanding
  • Moulding sanding
  • denibbing
  • deburring
  • edge rounding

The Smart-Flex system sands the following materials:

  • wood
  • MDF
  • base coat
  • sealer
  • lacquer
  • metal (deburring, finishing)
  • plastic
  • composites

The Smart-Flex system will:

  • remove swirl marks left by Random Orbital sander
  • remove loose fibers
  • remove stripes
  • remove small impurities in the lacquer
  • remove light whitness marks
  • blend in light cutter marks after moulding
  • evenly break sharp edges without destroying details
  • create a uniform open wood surface
  • enable a uniform coating penetration
  • smoothen MDF before coating or foil wrapping
  • deburring and edge rounding of punched sheet metal
  • edge rounding of laser cut sheet metal
  • roughening of metal surfaces