ECO sanding Strips

Smart-Flex offers two different models of sanding strips: The MULTI-strip with aluminium socket is very strong and great for heavier applications. The ECO-strips with plastic socket is suitable for most applications and more economic.

The ECO strips uses an economic plastic socket and the abrasive is connected to the profile using a special glueing technique. We use the same high quality abrasives and Tampico fibre brushes as in the MULTI strips. As the abrasive is glued to the plastic socket, the sanding strip stays very flexible over the full brush height. If you are looking for good quality at a reasonable price then the ECO sanding strip is for you.

Technical details ECO sanding strips

  • abrasive glued to the socket
  • effective brush heights appr. 45, 55, 65mm (short = aggressive, long = soft)
  • brush density light (E = single row brush) and strong (EH = double row brush)
  • natural Tampico brushes (no scratches, good memory effect)
  • cutting widths 3, 4, 7, 20mm and 0=solid (small to get into small profiles, wide for flat parts)
  • strong but flexible abrasive cloth in Aluminium Oxide (ALO) or Silicon Carbide (SIC)
  • length: cut to any length from 20mm – 2000mm
  • trimmed ends to avoid scratches and shorten run in time

ECO sanding strips – available models

with single row brush:
E35: very short, aggressive flat sanding
E45: short, intense sanding with small profiles
E55: first choice for most applications
E65: long, soft sanding and denibbing for deeper profiles

with double row brush:
EH45: short, very aggressive, ideal for edge sanding
EH55: good pressure in profiles, intense sanding
EH65: long, good pressure in deep profiles

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