MULTI sanding strips

The Smart-Flex MULTI Strips are made to the highest quality. We use natural Tampico fibre brushes and high quality abrasives. The glued and crimped connection in the aluminium socket makes the strip much stronger and ensures a long life time. The sanding strip is extremely flexible from the tip to the socket,making it ideal for sanding deeper profiles. The ends of the abrasive fingers are trimmed in order to avoid any irregular scratching on the surface.

The MULTI strips are first choice for tough sanding tasks like manual sanding on a drum sander or wood sanding.

Technische Details MULTI Schleiflamelle

Technical details MULTI sanding strips

  • abrasive glued + crimped to the socket
  • brush heights appr. 25,35,45,55 and 70mm (short = aggressive,long = soft)
  • natural Tampico brushes (no scratches,good memory effect)
  • cutting widths 3,4,7,20mm and 0=solid (small to get into small profiles,wide for flat parts)
  • strong but flexible abrasive cloth in Aluminium Oxide (ALO) or Silicon Carbide (SIC)
  • length:cut to any length from 20mm – 1400mm
  • trimmed ends to avoid scratches and shorten run in time

MULTI sanding strips – available models

M 25: sanding and denibbing,removing whiteness marks,very aggressive
M 35: sanding and denibbing,MDF and UV coatings,quite aggressive
M 45: very flexible and still good sanding pressure without additional support brushes
M 55: first choice for most applications
M 70: soft sanding and denibbing for deeper profiles

MULTI Schleiflamellen Ausführungen