Smart-Flex Cores

Smart Flex Schleifkerne

… are availbale in different diameters and all required lengths. Together with the huge variety of available sanding strips we are able to create the prefect sanding head for the specific sanding task.

The cores are made of POM cylinders, which is a chemical resistant material.

The grooves are milled accurately on CNC milling machines. Grooves are available in a straight ot spiral way.

The standard end plates are made of aluminium to give strength. The bores are made to order depending on the shaft diameter of the machine. For wider machines we recommend the optional split end cap, which allows to change the sanding strips in minutes.

Head with spiral keyways

Spiral Schleifwalze
Spiral sanding roller

Head with split end cap

Geteilte Endkappe
Split end cap

Smart-Flex CORES

available diameters (mm): 54 80 105 125 150 180 280
number of keyways: 12 16 20 24 30 36 54
straight or spiral grooves
available lengths 50mm – 2000mm
split endcap (optional)

Smart-Flex Discs

… are availbale in different diameters. They are made of aluminium, the grooves are milled accurately on CNC milling machines.

diameter (mm): 150 180 200 250
number of keyways: 16 24 30 24
length of keyways (mm): 50 50 50 75